Solidarni z Ukrainą - ми з Вами

Basic info for international students

Dear International Students!

Welcome to NCU!

In order to make your life easier we have gathered some useful information.

  • First of all, if you have any questions, problems or you need help to organize yourself at our University, you can just write to our tutors - Polish students who are trained in peer tutoring and multicultural coaching. They will be very glad to support you or give you some advice. Here are their contact details:

Paula  Paula00207@wp.pl

Paweł pawelslomski30@gmail.com

Nel 301142@stud.umk.pl

Hubert 300516@stud.umk.pl

  • Additionally, we have prepared for you a bunch of instruction movies that cover wide range of issues, including academic, money, housing, legal and personal matters. Surely, you will find there some relevant information about Toruń, our University or how to do things in Poland.
    (The Dream apply platform is not used anymore by our University)

    Instruction movies
  • Another way to broaden your knowledge about our University and our city is to watch a series of films “Come 2 study” which are interviews with our academic and administration staff, as well as students and postgraduates on culture, sport, research etc..

    Come 2 study
  • Finally, for those of you who are interested in Polish cuisine, it is suggested that you watch lectures “Taste of Poland”, where it is presented how to cook some Polish dishes, even in your dormitory kitchen.

    Taste of Poland