Solidarni z Ukrainą - ми з Вами

Basic info for international students

Dear Interanational Students!

Welcome at NCU!

We have a few basic info below for you.


  •  First af all if you have any questions, problems or you need help to organize yourself at our University, you can write to our tutors - polish students who are trained in peer tutoring and multicultural couching. They will be very glad to give you advice.






  • If you want a quick guide here's a bunch of instruction movies to watch! You will find there some information about Toruń, our University or how to do things in Polnad. We hope you will find some answers it those short movies.                                        (*The Dream apply platform is not used anymore by our University)

Instruction movies


  • You can also watch our cycle "Come 2 study" which can give you also several topics connected with our University and our city.

Come 2 study


  • And if you would like to cook some polish dish you can watch "Taste of Poland" where we show quick ways to cook, even in your dorm kitchen!

Taste of Poland