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Monografie i podręczniki

P. Busch, M. Grabowski, P.J. Lahti,
Operational Quantum Physics,
Springer 2001

Operational Quantum Physics offers a systematic presentation of quantum mechanics which makes exhaustive use of the full probabilistic structure of this theory. Accordingly the notion of an observable as a positive operator valued (POV) measure is explained in great detail, and the ensuing quantum measurement theory is developed and applied both to a resolution of long-standing conceptual and interpretational puzzles in the foundations of quantum mechanics, and to an analysis of various recent fundamental experiments.
The book, or different parts of it, may be of interest to advanced students or researchers in quantum physics, to philosophers of physics, and to mathematicians working in operator valued measures. [Źródło: Amazon.com]

[Prof. dr hab. Marian Grabowski jest pracownikiem Wydziału Teologicznego]