Within the above mentioned KA 107 projects exchange of university staff (teaching or training assignments) and students (credit mobility for a period of studies abroad) is possible. Persons participating in exchange are called "participants".

Only mobilities specified by the Financial Contract can be completed and financed. 

Students must respect the rules of "Mobility Capital" which says that 12-month period abroad is disponible at the first (bachelor), second (master) and third (doctoral) cycle of studies. Any mobilities completed previously within LLP Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus or Erasmus+ must be reported in a separate document "Mobility Capital Statement" and will be deducted from the mobility capital available.

Recruitment of the outgoing students and staff is the responsibility of the home university. It is their duty to provide comprehensive, transparent and public information on exchange opportunities and provide appropriate choice of students and staff. The persons qualified must present appropriate level of language competence as specified in the respective IIA. Project responsibles from the NCU side should cooperate to provide guidance and help. They may be involved in distance consultations via SKYPE, phone, e-mail or other media.

The process of recruitment must be accurately documented and a Recruitment Protocol must be sent to Nicolaus Copernicus University attached to the nomination e-mail.

The dates and duration of mobilities should be in accordance with the Academic Calendar of NCU and the dates of Orientation Weeks where applicable.

Participation in the Orienation Week at NCU will be covered by Erasmus+ grant only if the student’s mobility capital permits.