Organizations and associations and services

The official representative of all NCU students is the SAMORZĄD STUDENCKI - the Student Self-Government (each faculty has its representative). It cooperates with the authorities of the University and the faculties in matters relating to courses, students' social and material welfare, as well as in cultural matters. Its representatives participate in meetings of the Senate and on councils of individual faculties. It is located at ul. Gagarina 21, DS. 9, tel. (+48 56) 611 42 52, e-mail:

Other student organisations active at the NCU are:

There is also a variety of clubs closely related with the faculty structure, such as clubs for underwater research, chemistry, philosophy, and many others. More details on the following web-page.

Groups and services:

It is composed of students and members of the NCU staff. The Choir performs at major university events, and promotes the NCU on tours in Poland and abroad. You can get 2 ECTS for singing in the Choir. E-mail:

Not only may the inhabitants of student houses receive student radio programmes via Radio 'Sfera', but the station also presents the University Review broadcast every week with Toruń local radio. The radio station has a modern, well-equipped studio and provides students with the opportunity of exploring and gaining experience in the world of journalism. Some students subsequently find employment in the professional mass media sector. Radio 'Sfera' is located in DS. 8, ul. Gagarina 17, tel. (+48 56) 611 49 00, e-mail:

The main goals of the University Internet TV are publishing multimedia materials on the Internet as well as transmitting live from any place at the NCU. Thus, the NCU TV is an instrument for information and promotion, and more importantly, for e-learning (giving the possibility of live lectures etc.). The University Center for Modern Teaching Technologies is responsible for the system of its Internet TV. It is located at the back of DS. 8: ul. Gagarina 17, tel. (+48 56) 611 49 64, e-mail:

The Careers and Appointments Service at NCU was the first such service in Poland. Its primary functions are to provide career guidance and information on the job market for students, to co-operate with employers, and to deal with specific job offers. Moreover, the Careers Service staff have a rich collection of detailed information about special courses, training, and summer jobs both at home and abroad. The office of the Careers and Appointments Service is located at: ul. Gagarina 33 (DS.11); tel. (+48 56) 611 46 43, 611 46 44. E-mail:

The Centre for Promotion and Information not only promotes the university as the most important higher education institution in the region and a place of study for the candidates but also distributes promotional publications and university souvenirs. Additionally, the Centre provides an inner e-mail service in Polish on current events at the university, conferences, meetings, celebrations, etc. If you want to subscribe to it, please send an e-mail to LISTSERV@MAN.TORUN.PL with text SUBspacePROMUMKspaceNAMEspaceSURNAME
The Centre is also responsible for the preparation and popularisation of a special Alumni Programme which aims at providing University's alumni with discounts for certain goods and services here.

The NCU Alumni Association was established in 1995. Its purpose is to promote NCU, to maintain contacts between the University and its graduates, to develop friendships within graduate circles, and to offer support to the scientific, self-education, and business initiatives of the members of the Association. The Association's main activity consists of organising periodic meetings (so-called 'Returns'), and providing the University with information on its graduates. The Association may conduct business activities, accept donations, bequests, etc. The members of the Association, apart from the graduates of all the NCU faculties, may also be those who studied at NCU for at least two years, who gained their doctoral degrees there, or who are actually employed as NCU academic teachers and administration staff. The Association publishes the bulletin ABSOLWENT (The Graduate), which is distributed amongst all its members. For more details, please contact: tel. (+48 56) 611 47 57; ul. Gagarina 39 (APL – University Medical Centre); e-mail:

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