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The YUFERING project (YUFE TRANSFORMING R&I THROUGH EUROPE-WIDE KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER) was created by 10 partners of the YUFE consortium, within the Science with and for society (Swafs) sub-programme of Horizon 2020. The total budget of the project is 2.000.000 EUR and the sum dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus University is 100.000 EUR.

YUFERING considers Research and Innovation as one of the strategic areas of the YUFE Alliance. The aim of the YUFERING project is to standardize the research and innovation strategies and practices of the partners in order to achieve, similar to the education area, a unification.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • define and implement the YUFE agenda for socially engaged research and innovation.
  • function as a catalyst for the reverse transfer of knowledge and its use in society.
  • to promote the recognition, dissemination and reward of talented individuals and teams of scientists across Europe.
  • make open science the "new normal" by creating the YUFE Open Science Strategy.
  • create and improve joint structures, mechanisms and infrastructures to support research in YUFERING partner units.
  • broaden the impact on the scientific community and society through horizontal activities in the area of socially engaged research and innovation.

In line with this vision, the YUFE alliance in YUFERING will define actions and recommendations for a model system for research and innovation, knowledge transfer and socially engaged science.

Training Programme for PhD Supervisors

PhD supervision is a core activity in an academic career. The aim of this training is to provide PhD supervisors with tools for recognizing, identifying and supporting young talents. Supervisors will learn how to foster self-development and self-reflection in young talents and will receive a platform for sharing experiences and best practices among peers in different fields and different universities.

The training will include three workshop days. Each workshop day consist of an input part and an InterVision part, in which supervisors will exchange their experiences with supervision and discuss specific cases among each other. The workshops will be interactive and held in an international setting, as supervisors from all YUFE universities can take part. It will include the learning goals mentioned below.

Skills for the future:

  • Learn how to develop career related skills in your PhD candidates;
  • Practice specific cases in InterVision sessions;
  • Increase awareness of own performance as a supervisor;
  • Create a network of support for supervisors;

Programme details:

  • Thursdays, 28.09.2023; 9:00 – 13:00 CET “Supervisor profiles, diversity in students and managing expectations”
  • Thursdays, 19.10.2023; 9:00 – 13:00 CET “Reflection and learning goals”
  • Thursdays, 09.11.2023; 9:00 – 13:00 CET “Actionable feedback”                                            

Format: Online (via Zoom)

Language: English

Suitable for: Researchers with some experiences in supervising PhD candidates

Trainers: Prof. Ronit Shiri Sverdlov and Dr Jan Theys, Maastricht University


Please describe shortly a) your experience with supervision of PhD students b) your motivation for taking part in this training.

Send the application to prof. Aldona Glińska -Neweś -  


Deadline for application: 31 May 2023

Link to the project website.

Contact person: Honorata Fajga-Żurańska, e-mail: