The Year of Nicolaus Copernicus - World Copernican Congress
Solidarity with Ukraine


Przemysław Nehring - executive director, Vice-Rector for Education

Karol Mojkowski - institutional coordinator (WP1) and leader of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation team (WP7)

Anna Prykanowska - deputy institutional coordinator (WP1)

Zbigniew Nerczuk - leader of the Student Journey team (WP2)

Joanna Wińska - leader of the Lifelong Learning (WP3)

Natalia Proń-Nowak, Urszula Walenczak - leaders of Staff Journey team (WP4)

Karolina Jarzynka - leader of the Responsible, Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Research (WP5)

Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz - leader of the Approach to Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training (WP6)

Magdalena Stremplewska - leader of the Community and Civic Engagement team (WP8)

Aleksandra Derra - leader of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity team (WP9)

Arkadiusz Karwacki - leader of the Quality Culture team (WP10)

Tomasz Piontek - leader of the Digitalisation (WP11)

Anna Kuczborska - leader of the Impact and Dissemination team (WP12)



Anna Cecylia Brzóstowicz – Student Forum Member 

Aleksandra Śnieć – Student Forum Member 

Vladimir Tkachenko – Student Forum Member