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We invite you to discover the new version of the YUFE Staff Portal on Virtual Campus. This platform brings together all the professional development courses dedicated to University staff and career opportunities offered at partner universities.

YUFE is an opportunity to enrich and develop the career paths of academic and non-academic staff thanks to, among other things, mobility and training programmes (job shadowing, professional development courses and specialised competency-building training for all staff groups).

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.



The 2nd call for the YUFE4Postdocs programmme lasts from 1 Oct until 20 Dec 2023. Read on for details.


A consortium of European universities is launching a career development program for young scientists, jointly financed by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Cofund. Up to 51 postdocs from YUFE's nine partner universities will be able to benefit from the initiative. Candidates can come from any institution, not necessarily affiliated with the alliance.


The positions, in which participants will work for 36 months of the programme's duration, are offered at YUFE universities in two calls: in April and October 2023.

Applicants freely define their research project related to urban opportunities and challenges in YUFE's thematic areas of citizen wellbeing or European identity, then indicate in the application the research group and supervisor (Host University) and the research group and supervisor (Co-Host University) from the YUFE alliance.

Mobility within the program:

Applicants, when appointed at their university, must comply with the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Mobility Rule. They must not have lived or carried out their main activity in the host country for more than 12 months in the last 36 months before the application deadline. In addition, they must have completed a YUFE mobility of max. 6 months at another (or more than one) YUFE university (Co-Host University). Stays can be short or longer, single or multiple, and the purpose of the mobility is to establish R&I cooperation.

Those accepted can undertake cross-sector mobility in an entrepreneurial or non-entrepreneurial entity proposed by Associated Partners within the ecosystem of the host university or YUFE partner university.

Postdocs are offered a comprehensive training programme on stakeholder interaction, open learning and innovation. As part of the training, 3 pillars have been prepared:

Pillar 1: two-day workshops, with participation and coaching from external stakeholders;

Pillar 2: dedicated training for each group on cross-cutting skills, offered jointly by partner universities;

Pillar 3: one-on-one offerings at the host university.

19 stakeholder organizations - as Associate Partners - have committed to participate in the training and mentoring, among them city and regional councils and business organizations located in the YUFE university ecosystem. These entities will advise or participate in stakeholder interaction activities.

Cooperation with them can manifest itself in various ways:

- they can participate in selection committees, adding a stakeholder perspective;

- they can provide or help find a non-academic mentor for postdocs once they are appointed;

- they can contribute to the training program on stakeholder interaction and open science and innovation (e.g., Pillar 1 workshops).

1st call (closed):

26 post-docs positions

2 focus areas: sustainability and digital society

Open call: 01/03/2023-07/05/2023

Selection process: 01/06/2023-30/10/2023

Nomination: around 01/01/2024

2nd call:

25 post-docs positions

2 focus areas: citizen well-being and European identity.

Open call: 01/10/2023-20/12/2023

Selection process: 01/01/2024-30/05/2024

Nomination: around 01/09/2024


What can Y4P offer an academic mentor?

  • It's an additional researcher in your group, with the potential for joint scientific output.
  • A good prospect for excellent candidates, given attractive conditions, fully paid by your university or department with the support of a European Commission grant.
  • Competitive salary, according to the standard set by the EC, including a mobility stipend of 200 euros/month.
  • A research fee (managed by the supervisor) of 200-400 euros/month (to be determined by your university).
  • Mobility allowance of €1,200/month for a maximum 6-month stay at the co-host university.
  • The postdoc will act as a liaison to develop collaborations with the co-host research group within and outside the YUFE alliance.
  • Expand one's network of contacts within YUFE universities, with city and regional councils and/or business organizations.
  • Direct involvement in an innovative training program, shaping future researchers and investigators.
  • Visibility of your research group through communication and dissemination activities of YUFE4Postdoc!

What can Y4P offer an academic co-mentor?

  • It is an additional researcher in your group, with the potential for joint scientific output,
  • and at the same time a person who acts as a liaison to develop collaborations with the co-host's research group within the YUFE alliance and beyond.
  • Expand networking within YUFE universities, with city and regional councils or business organizations.
  • Direct involvement in an innovative training program shaping future scientists.
  • Visibility of your research group through communication and dissemination activities of YUFE4Postdoc!

Qualification of guardians and co-guardians:

To become a mentor, one must have a university degree and be employed at least 10% full-time at a YUFE partner university. Academically, a maximum of two applicants can be supported in the call. In addition, you should prepare a cover letter for applicants, at the same time keeping in mind that applicants define and develop their own application.


Matching between host and co-host research groups will be facilitated through a special Navigator at each university (as of 1/1/2023) that will

  • will assist potential applicants in seeking information about the host university (e.g., terms and conditions of employment, visas, mobility) and available areas of expertise,
  • will support the mentor and co-mentor matching process,


What you can do right now:

  • Search for promising male and female candidates in your network and bring them to your attention for future recruitment,
  • Get to know potential interested individuals at other YUFE partner universities.

What you can do from the start of the project:

  • Accept spontaneous candidates looking for a caregiver,
  • but practice "selection at the door": act as a mentor only for quality candidates!
  • Guide candidates to alternative or more appropriate academic people at your university.
  • Act as a reviewer for local YUFE4Postdoc contacts.

The success of YUFE4Postdocs depends largely on well-prepared academics!

For more information, visit or


Alicja Kostrzak,

56/611 4428

Agata Wiśniewska,

56/611 4826