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General Information

YERUN – Young European Research University Network

Established in 2016 the Young European Research Universities Network brings together universities with similar goals and values, such as openness, accountability and inclusiveness. The group provides an important advisory voice in the creation of research, innovation and education policies.

General benefits of YERUN membership

  • have a real impact on education policy in Europe,
  • increase the number of publications,
  • exchange experience and information,
  • increase the level of mobility and internationalisation,
  • increase our chances of creating a project consortium and receiving a grant,
  • participate in many training courses attended by people from the European Commission, which means that we will be better prepared to submit proposals.

What benefits do members perceive from joining the organisation?

  • External funding through YERUN-related partnerships,
  • Contact with those in the EU responsible for education, research and innovation policy, promoting the priorities and interests of YERUN members,
  • Capacity building through targeted training,
  • Exchange of experience and know-how,
  • Success in obtaining R&I funding,
  • Participation in interesting trainings and events; Forming a view on upcoming political reforms within the EU,
  • Active involvement in topics of European importance

Benefits for NCU community

Benefits for students

Benefits for researchers and administrative staff

Benefits for administrative staff

  • YERUN ad-hoc working groups on different policy areas (e.g. Open Science, EU policy, academic career development)


More information

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