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Internet access from mobile computers

Technical data of our network:

network name (SSID) authetication cipher
eduroam WPA2 AES

The wireless network eduroam at our University is a part of the pan-European system, hence if your home institution also participates in this project, and you use authenticated wireless access at home, then you should be able to connect to our network without problems. If your home network uses eduroam as its network identifier, then connecting to our network should be totally hassle free. Probably you will be connected as soon as you switch on your notebook (if you are in the area where our network is available). If your home network identifier is different then you will need to choose eduroam from the list of available wireless networks and counfigure the 802.1x access, in the same way as at your home institiution. Your authentication data will be sent over a secure, encrypted channel to your home authenication server, and you will be granted access on the basis of its reply.

Access to the eduroam network will allow you to use the Internet but some local (licensed) facilities may be unavailable. If you are a longer-staying official guest of the University, then we suggest that you obtain a local account.

tel.: +48 56 611 2756
Eduroam coverage at NCU (Toruń)