Ex-Erasmus Opinions


"Hello, my name is Maria and I am from Germany. I spent a whole academic year in Toruń and really enjoyed all of it. During the whole time the Erasmus-office is looking after you and always helpful, when there are problems or questions. The same was with my Mentor who was really nice and with whom I met quiet often. Torun is really a beautiful nice town. I loved that everything was so close and you can easily walk by foot. During the academic time the town is full of young people and has a nice atmosphere.
I also liked the courses at the University. The professors were all very friendly and welcoming and just happy to have an Erasmus student in their class. I also recommend the Polish courses which are offered for free at the UMK. Polish really is a difficult language, but the people are happy even with a “Cześč” (hello) or “dziękuję” (thank you) in the shops. It also helps to get to know the country with its culture better. Furthermore you should travel in Poland. It is worth visiting the country and with your student-ID-card you get 50% off on the tickets, so it’s really cheap.
To sum up, I really recommend a stay at the UMK. You get to know a lot of new people and are collecting a lot of experiences. For me Poland will always be a country worth visiting and especially Toruń."

Maria – an Erasmus student from Germany, studying at the English Department at NCU


"Hello everyone , My name is Ponjebaraj (Jeba). I am from India but for Erasmus I am from Lithuania. Before I came to Torun I didn’t know anything about it. I was little bit afraid because I was coming alone. But my friends make me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel lonely. My Erasmus experience in one word is just "awesome". I had a great time in Torun. I learnt different languages and cultures. I have lots of good memories from the Nicolaus Copernicus University, student’s house, clubs and different activities. I participated in projects of Erasmus Student Network which makes me happy and proud. It was a good experience and I am planning to share with others everything I learnt. Once Erasmus - always Erasmus."

Ponjebaraj - an Erasmus student from Latvia, studying at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management NCU


"I chose to spend my Erasmus semester at the NCU in Torun and I did not regret it. NCU has a very broad offer of seminars you can study in English. I only had very positive experiences with my Professors. They were all very dedicated and offered interesting classes. Not everybody at NCU and in Poland speaks English but the majority of people are very nice and helpful and it is always possible to find somebody to translate. Polish is a very difficult language to learn but the University offers Polish classes, which are free for most students. Torun is a beautiful city and has a lot of things to offer (good Restaurants/Bars, Museums, Architecture…). The cost of living in Poland is, compared to other European countries, still cheap. A room in a student dormitory is about 120€ and there you will find everything you need. Torun is also a good starting point to explore Poland."

Kathrin - an Erasmus student from Germany, studying at the English Department at NCU