Culture shock

Culture shock

 Culture shock

Culture shock/Poland from the foreign point of view

Many people travelling go through an initial period of euphoria and excitement, overwhelmed by the thrill of being in a totally new and unusual environment. Energy seems boundless for a while. When this initial feeling of adventure subsides, they sometimes no longer feel all that comfortable. Minor problems can seem major crises without friends, family, and mother-tongue to help, and some find themselves growing depressed. If this happens to you you will feel like a lonely outsider. You may feel an anxiety, a kind of psychological disorientation. What does it mean? You are experiencing what people refer to as 'culture shock'. It is important to understand that this reaction is entirely normal and it will pass! As long as you know it in advance, you can prepare yourself psychologically to accept the temporary discomfort and turn it into an advantage by learning from it. Remember that you are not the only one experiencing occasional frustration, irritability, and depression, and you can find comfort in the other foreign students.


Here are some little differences which may puzzle or surprise foreigners in Poland.

Some of these are still common:

As it takes time to understand the different behaviour in a new culture and to know how to react, here are a few comments for newcomers:

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