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3 years (6 semesters)

The course of chemistry offers first degree studies based on the elements of mathematics and natural sciences combining knowledge of basic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical, organic, inorganic, quantum chemistry, chemistry of materials, environmental chemistry and ecology as well as technology and chemical engineering. Undergraduate students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of preparation, analysis, characterization and safe use of chemicals and waste disposal. They learn the basics of safety and efficacy of working with chemical reagents, chemical, physical and biological phenomena and processes taking place in nature and technological rules and schemes. The graduates of Chemistry will be prepared for teamwork in the chemical and allied industries (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc.), small manufacturing, government and education - after completing teaching specialty (according to the standards of education in preparation for the teaching profession). Having acquired practical knowledge and experimental training, the graduates can solve problems, store, process and transmit information in written or oral form. Graduates will be also prepared to continue education in master degree studies, especially those focused on chemistry.

Semester fee - 8600 PLN
Education Requirements
Secondary School Diploma entitling the candidate to undertake bachelor level education with supplement of subjects and grades (with apostille or legalized), Certificate of English Language Proficiency at least at a B2 level.
More details (exemplary plan of studies)