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We give you the opportunity to learn Polish! Be BLIŻEJ= Be closer to Poland and Poles! 


1. The book "Truchcikiem z Kopernikiem. Językowe przebieżki po uniwersytecie" ("Jogging with Copernicus. Linguistic jogs around the university") is available on our website kopernikiem / .


This is a collection of linguistic and communicative exercises designed for foreign students who intend to take up or have taken up studies in Polish. Together with the authors they can trot through the different areas of student life in a brisk but small way: They can familiarise themselves with the structure of the university, its buildings, the organisation of the academic year, types of classes, find out how to deal with issues at the Dean's Office, how to approach lecturers, how to use USOS and Moodle, how to enrol for classes, learn about the offer of the University Library and the University Sports Centre, as well as research clubs, the Academic Choir, Od Nowa - the legendary university cultural institution - or the Science and Arts Festival, and finally find out how the student government operates and what a student fair is.

 All this is complemented by practical information on studying in Toruń: about student residences, health services and public transport. The authors are aware that due to the multitude of topics this run may sometimes resemble a cross-country race, so they tried to remove the language and communication obstacles that all students, regardless of nationality, may encounter at university. The book can be used in many ways: as an informative guide on how the university works, as a guide on how to behave in different situations of student life, or as a tutorial to improve linguistic, communicative and cultural competences. The proposed exercises represent different levels of difficulty, which is indicated by the lines next to the instructions: one indicates the basic level (A), two - the threshold level (B1), three - the level of language independence (from B2).



2.  Interactive exercises for the book "Truchcikiem z Kopernikiem. Językowe przebieżki po uniwersytecie" ("Jogging with Copernicus. Linguistic jogs around the university") can be found on the LearningApps platform. 


3.  The e-learning course is available on the Moodle platform of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. It is a course for foreigners learning Polish. The course includes materials for self-study, i.e. interactive language exercises and tests at A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels.

Link to the platform:

 You can choose a subject group: 

  • vocabulary,
  • grammar,
  • spelling,
  • writing 



4.   Foreign students at the Faculty of Humanities at the Nicolaus Copernicus University

Ja i Toruń (Me & Toruń)

Other videos are available on  UMK TV  and  Moodle .


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The programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, non-competitive project Raising the competences of academic staff and the potential of institutions in receiving people from abroad - Welcome to Poland implemented under the measure specified in the application for project funding No. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14 / 18.