Evaluation form for Erasmus+ students

What courses did you attend at NCU? How do you evaluate them?

Course: 1

Co-operation with Erasmus+ Office (Paulina and Krzysztof in Toruń, Paulina in Bydgoszcz)
Co-operation with Faculty coordinator
Co-operation with Faculty academic staff (professors, teachers)
Co-operation with Dean's Office
Co-operation with Erasmus Student Network
Information on the NCU (on the Internet, in guides etc.) What do you think should be included on www?
Integration and intercultural meetings, trips (Christmas, Easter)
University Libraries (Main, Faculty)
Polish Language Course (please mark the level of the course: beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Accommodation arrangements
Catering (buffet at the faculty/department)
Other facilities (Internet, laundry, kitchen)
Have you experienced culture shock when in Torun/Bydgoszcz:
Did the "Intercultural workshops" / "Orientation Week" help you deal with culture shock?
What did you like best in our country? ( at least 3 answers)
What did you find irritating in Poland? ( at least 3 answers)