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  • CATHOLIC: 95 %
  • ORTHODOX: 1,5 %
  • PROTESTANT (mainly Evangelical): 1 %

The Baptism of Poland took place in 966 and since then Christianity has remained a main virtue and reference of social and cultural life. Therefore, Poles seem very religious to foreigners and they go to church regularly. Consequently, all the churches fill up during the Sunday masses and it is sometimes not possible to get inside. There are numerous Roman- Catholic churches in Toruń (several in the centre and at least one in each district).

The Academic Church is the Jesuit Church of the Holy Ghost (located in the Old Market, opposite the Town Hall). It provides preaching to all university staff and students, gives regular service, organises different events, meetings of the film club, discussions, etc.

Pastoral services for the Bielany Campus are also offered by the Redemptorists situated in St. Joseph Church at ul.Św. Józefa.
If you are interested in masses in Spanish or Italian or would like to belong to the Neocatechumenal Community, you may contact our Erasmus Coordinator at the Faculty of Theology: Rev. Dr. Piotr Roszak (e-mail:

More details on Toruń and its churchus can be found here.

Other religious institutions located in Toruń are listed below:

  • Polish Orthodox Church (ul. Podgórna 69)
  • Evangelic Church (ul. Wały Gen. Sikorskiego 14)
  • Polish Catholic Church (ul. Gałczyńskiego 30/36)
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church (ul. Idzikowskiego 1B)
  • Baptist Church (ul. Poznańska 34)
  • Church of Pentecost (ul. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 65)
  • Buddhist Association Karma Kagyu (ul. Warszawska 6B).

At Christmas, priests from different catholic parishes visit most Polish flats to offer blessing and to keep in touch with worshippers. As it is a custom in Poland, priests may also pay a short visit to those residents of student dormitories who are interested.

Provided you are interested in famous sites of Christian pilgrimage in Poland, it is recommended to visit the Monastery of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa and the Family home of John Paul II in Wadowice near Kraków.