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Clubs and entertainment

Taking into consideration the wide range of clubs and pubs, Toruń is definitely not a place where you might get bored. Each person will find a place that meets or exceeds his or her expectations.

The OD NOWA Club (ul. Gagarina 37a - on Campus) is the most well-known students' club in Toruń. It is the organiser of almost all student cultural events. Various musical concerts take place there, including weekly jazz meetings. Od Nowa often features well-known popular performers, including foreign bands, representing various musical styles. It also houses Gallery 011 where students of Fine Arts present their works.

Annual events organised by Od Nowa:

The AFRYKA Reggae Festival (January)
JAZZ Od Nowa Festival (February)
The KLAMRA Student Theatre Festival (March)
International Film Festival YOUNG EUROPEAN CINEMA (April)
The WIOSNA Folk Festival (April)
JUVENALIA - A major student festival (May)
Majowy Buum Poetycki - Poetic Boom in May (May)
The Toruń Blues Meeting (November)

Other clubs: Niebo (Rynek Staromiejski 1); Barani Łeb (Podmurna 28); Kuranty (Rynek Staromiejski 29); Lizard King (Kopernika 3); NRD (Browarna 6), Moskba (Rynek Staromiejski 22), Toruńska Piwnica Artystyczna (Łazienna 30), Czeski Sen (Łazienna 9), Revolucja (Wysoka 2), Kotłownia (DS. 5) (student club).

Films in Polish cinemas are usually shown in their original language with Polish subtitles (apart from children's movies, which are dubbed). To find out what's showing, have a look at the last pages in local newspapers or at the following web-page ( link Toruń).

Toruń has two commercial cinemas: CINEMACITY (ul. Czerwona Droga 1-6 and Plaza).

The Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń also houses the cinema called KINO CENTRUM that shows the most valuable representations of the contemporary cinematography.

There is also the so-called Summer Cinema (KINO LETNIE) in the Town Hall courtyard.

The film club NIEBIESKI KOCYK (Little Blue Blanket, link Niebieski Kocyk) organises screenings of quality films which tend to be less frequently seen in cinemas and on television. It also organises retrospectives of well-known film directors. Niebieski Kocyk is located at the Od Nowa Club.

There are three theatres in Toruń:
The Horzyca Theatre (Plac Teatralny 1),
Wiczy Theatre (Szpitalna 8),
Baj Pomorski Theatre (Piernikarska 9).

MUSEUMS (open daily except Mondays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

The Regional Museum - the Old Town Hall and the Tower (Rynek Staromiejski 1)
The House of Copernicus (ul. Kopernika 15/17)
The Star Residence - Museum of Far Eastern Art (Dom Pod Gwiazdą, Rynek Staromiejski 35)
The Esken's Palace (ul. Łazienna 16)
The Ethnographic Museum (Wały Gen. Sikorskiego 19)
Tony Halik Traveller Museum (ul. Franciszkańska 11)
The University Museum (Plac Rapackiego 1)
The Natural History Museum (Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection houses it, ul. Lwowska 1)
The Museum of Literature and Printing (Grębocin, Szkolna 31)
The Gingerbread Museum (Rabiańska 9)
The House of Legends in Torun (Dom Legend Toruńskich, Szeroka 35)


Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun (Wały Gen.Sikorskiego 13)
Dom Muz (ul. Podmurna 1/3)Art Gallery Wozownia (ul. Rabiańska 20)
Art Gallery Wozownia (św. Ducha 6)
Gallery 011 (in Od Nowa Club, ul. Gagarina 37)


PLANETARIUM Władysław Dziewulski Planetarium (ul. Franciszkańska 19)

If you would like to go cycling around Toruń, you may get some interesting information on the bike's routes etc. on the following website. Provided you do not have your own bike, you may hire one for a couple of hours at the following places:

Szkoła Leśna na Barbarce (ul. Przysiecka 13; tel. 56 655 66 98)
Emporium (ul. Piekary 28)
Enjoy your trip!

TORUN ZOOBOTANICAL GARDEN ul. Bydgoska 7, the oldest zoo in the country!