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Board and restaurants

At NCU there are many cafeterias situated in the faculty buildings e.g. at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection etc. or in the Main Library.

Moreover, Toruń has an immense variety of restaurants, bars, and pubs. This has been a feature of the town since medieval times. Many specialize in traditional Polish cuisine, such as: pierogi (ravioli/dumplings with mushrooms, meat or fruits), bigos (cabbage cooked with vegetable and meet), schabowy (a pork chop) and many others. We recommend visiting Piąta Klepka, Kuranty, Pierogarnia Stary Toruń, Oberża, Gęsia Szyja, U Damroki, Spichrz, Kartoflarnia, Patelnia. When in Toruń, you should also taste the pancakes in Manekin which has branches throughout the city. You may find many ethnic restaurants (Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Japanese, Spanish), for example, Prowansja, Metropolis, Staromiejska, Napolitano, Azzurro, Pizzeria Montenegro, Cafetal, Lotos, Royal India, Dom Sushi, La Mancha, Hacienda Pancho Villa, Luizjana. Vegetarians can find decent meals in Karotka. There is also a network of fast-food restaurants (Subway, McDonald's, KFC, Sphinx). If you would like to spend some time in a quiet place and drink some tea, coffee or hot chocolate and eat delicious cakes or eat panini, we recommend you the following cafetrias: Kona Coast Cafe (both in the Old Town and next to your student dormitories at Bielany Campus), Atmosfera, Róże i Zen, Artus, Central Coffee Perks Toruń.