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Basic information
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Basic information

Main page > Research University > Basic information

 Basic information

The "Excellence Initiative ¬ Research University" programme aims to select and support the best Polish universities, which will be able to compete successfully with foreign institutions in the coming years. Research universities will receive a 10% higher subsidy in 2020-2026 for activities improving the quality of research and education. The programme is one of the essential measures undertaken as part of the reform of higher education and science in Poland. The implementation of the plans submitted by the universities within the framework of the competition will be subject to evaluation. A first mid-term evaluation will be carried out in 2023, and a final evaluation will be in 2026.

The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń,  as one of 10 Polish universities, was granted the status of a research university in the first competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Excellence Initiative - Research University".


"Excellence Initiative – Research University" competition (more information)

Objectives of the programme (more information)

Implementation of the "Excellence Initiative -Research University" programme (more information)


Selected parts of the NCU application

  1. Budget of the project
  2. Description of the project
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Priority Research Areas
  5. Progress indicators
  6. Application in pictures