Formularz zgłoszeniowy
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Formularz zgłoszeniowy

Main page > Research University > Formularz zgłoszeniowy

 Formularz zgłoszeniowy

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Application form
Excellence Initiative - Debuts
under the „Excellence Initiative - Research University” programme

first name, last name, faculty, unit, position, telephone number, e-mail address, scientific discipline specified in the declaration, date of birth, date of graduation, date of obtaining a doctoral degree (pl. doktor) and discipline, date of obtaining post-doctoral degree (pl. doktor habilitowany) and discipline. If applicable: dates of parental, extended parental and health leaves.
young scientists holding the doctoral degree and employed by the NCU
researchers under 50 years of age on the date of submitting the application
female researchers meeting the requirements of group 1) or 2) who in the last 3 years gave birth and raised a child /children (maternity and/or extended parental leave)

Substantive criteria

please specify if the publications are listed in the Web of Science and Scopus CORE, ERIH+ databases, published in journals on the list of journals of the Minister of Science and Higher Education or scholarly books published by international or national publishers; please state the number of quotations (according to these databases) and in the case of scholarly books please indicate whether they were published by international or national publishers.
including awards, scholarships, presentations at prestigious conferences, participation in research projects, work in scientific research groups, successes of students and doctoral students, organization of conferences, workshops, scientific schools, etc. (maximum 250 words)
objectives, novelty, positioning of the project against the current state of research, possibly interdisciplinary and integrative nature of the research. (maximum 500 words)
a list of proposed and named individual research activities (in accordance with point 2 of the Rules) that make up the project, including their description, costs incurred for the implementation of each of them and a substantiation of planned expenditure. (maximum 250 words)
preparation of grant applications to be submitted to external institutions, plans for publication, undertaking international scientific collaboration, trips abroad, participation in training courses, applications for degrees and titles, etc. (maximum 50 words)

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