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Travel to Toruń – useful tips

Getting to Poland by bus

Bus travel is an inexpensive and easyway to get to Poland, much favoured by Poles during holiday seasons and with frequent short breaks, not as hard and tiring as you might expect. Travelling by train to Poland can also be an enjoyable way of getting here as there are some convenient international connections to Poznań, Warsaw or Wrocław.

Arrival to Poland by plane

If you arrive by plane, you will probably land in Warsaw (the capital of Poland), at the Chopin Airport terminals in the city’s south. From there you can take a city bus (175; tickets available from newsagents at the airport) to Warszawa Centralna railway station, from where trains and coaches will get you further north to Toruń. There aren’t many pickpockets in Poland, but watch out on that bus!

Chopin Airport is served by two SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska (Fast Urban Railway) lines. SKM S3 trains operate on a route: WARSZAWA LOTNISKO CHOPINA (Warsaw Chopin Airport)WARSZAWA CENTRUM (Central Railway Station). Detailed information about train service.

You can also get to Warsaw city centre either by taxi (please, take a licensed one, e.g. MPT Radio Taxi +48 22 19191 - with a phone number written on a cab) and it should cost you around PLN 30.00–40.00.

Other airports close to Toruń:

Inland communication

On that website you can check connections by all kind of transportation.

  • bus

  • train

  • local transport

Bus connections (Warsaw-Toruń)

KOMFORT BUS is the bus company you can use travelling from Warsaw to Toruń. It has a good web page (unfortunately it is only in Polish) with current timetables, price lists bus stops. The coach departure point is at the Western Bus Station (DWORZEC AUTOBUSOWY ZACHODNI), at 144 Aleje Jerozolimskie. Once in Toruń, the stop is at the Bus Station at 8 Dąbrowskiego street, where there are taxi connections to University accommodation (follow the map).The other bus stop is near in Kraszewskiego street or in Broniewskiego street, which is close to the campus.

You can also travel by Polski Bus – an inter-city express coach service based in Poland, serving both national and international routes. tickets are available on the website and at the Sales Points. Book online earlier to secure the lowest price and special fares.

If you are interested in coach connections from other cities and towns in Poland, please check the website of the Dworzec Autobusowy in Toruń.

When in Toruń, you may buy your train, coach or plane tickets at the Travel Agency KOMPAS (ul. Kopernika 5, tel. 56 65 22 901). It is easier since they speak English there.

Train connections (Warsaw-Toruń)

If you arrive to Warsaw by train, you can change trains in Warsaw at the railway station to continue your journey to Toruń. The journey by train lasts somewhat shorter than the coach journey (direct connection about 3 hours) and costs about 50 zł (about 11 EURO). There are several trains to Toruń, but not all of them go directly without a change. Current online PKP and PLK timetable.

In Toruń you should get off at the main station (TORUŃ GŁÓWNY). There are bus and taxi connections to the centre; the bus routes to the centre are 22, 25, 27, 11, and 36, all of which will take you to PLAC RAPACKIEGO. From here, take a bus or tram, following the map. The buses number 11 and 36 go directly to our university campus (Gagarina street).

Types of trains in Poland:

  • POCIĄG Regio - a local train that stops in every town. It is the slowest and least comfortable train but the cheapest.

  • POCIĄG interREGIO - it is faster than Regio and cheaper than TLK train. Although the coaches of a train may look different and have a different standard (e.g. open space coaches, or 8 or 6 seats in a compartment), there is only one price for all seats (places).
  • POCIĄG TLK - a fast train with a distinction between prices of tickets and standard of seats (business and tourist class - PIERWSZA and DRUGA KLASA) and reserved seats.
  • POCIĄG EKSPRESOWY (Ex) - an express train that stops only at major cities. It is more expensive and requires booking beforehand.
  • POCIĄG INTER-CITY / EUROPE CITY - the fastest and highest quality train that needs a fix reservation (MIEJSCÓWKA) in advance but is the most expensive one.

At the RAILWAY STATION (DWORZEC PKP) you can buy tickets at the counter (KASA BILETOWA) paying in cash or by debit/credit cards (but it is not always possible).

Remember that each type of train has its own ticket with a different price, which means that a ticket bought for interREGIO train Warsaw-Toruń is not valid in TLK train Warsaw-Toruń. Therefore, if you are late for your InterREGIO train, you should return a ticket to KASA, and buy a new one for e.g. TLK.

Moreover, excluding Regio and interREGIO, there are two classes (standards) in most Polish trains.

Local transport

Trams and buses

Toruń has an extensive bus and tram network (see map). All the timetables, bus stops, tram stops, and departure times are available on the following website . The same tickets (BILETY in Polish) are valid for both forms of transport and cost 2,80 zł (0,5 EURO) in Toruń. You may buy them either in small news-stands (KIOSK) or on board the buses or trams. Both buses and trams operate from 5:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m.

There are also less regular night buses and the price of the night service is doubled. There are no traditional conductors on board but your tickets will be frequently checked. You buy a ticket beforehand or from the driver and punch it when you board. Bus tickets bought in one city cannot be used in another. The Polish university student ID card authorizes the holder (up to 26 years) to discounts on tram, bus, and train tickets. Despite single tickets you may get the so-called KARNET (8 tickets together - 1 cheaper) or monthly tickets. The most popular monthly ticket is SIECIÓWKA that is valid for all buses and trams in Toruń and costs around 45 zł (discount ticket for student) or 90 zł (a regular fee). If you have 1 photo and your student ID, you can purchase your monthly ticket in a red building of MZK (ul. Sienkiewicza 24/26).

If you decide to take a taxi (relatively cheap in Toruń), it's better to phone for one (e.g. +48 56 191-92, 191-94, 191-95 etc.). There is also a taxi company for the disabled tel. 191-96.

Safety tips:
Always keep your luggage in sight. Be aware that pick pocketing is common in cities all over the world especially in crowds and in areas where tourists gather, such as railway stations.

Make a photocopy of the information page of your passport showing the number, date and place of issue. Keep it separately with important phone numbers (e.g. your bank and mobile phone operator).