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Informacje o kierunku studiów Informacje o kierunku studiów Informacje o kierunku studiów Informacje o kierunku studiów
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Informacje o kierunku studiów

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 Informacje o kierunku studiów

Kierunek: Management (full-time, 1st cycle education) - studies in English (NQF)

Why study management in English?

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management (FESM) is the first and only one public higher education institution (HEI) in Poland awarded with the AACSB accreditation. Nowadays, less than 5% of all business schools in the world are recognized as AACSB accredited institutions (in total 740 HEIs in 50 countries). Each graduate from the FESM receives a special AACSB certification which is a supplement to a final diploma.

The studies in management provide graduates with knowledge related to theoretical and practical aspects of operations in contemporary business and public sector organizations, both in the national and international context. The graduates develop practical skills of managing organisations in all their functional areas. Moreover, they acquire knowledge of mechanisms in regional markets and the EU.

Why study management in Nicolaus Copernicus University?

  • courses in management are highly recognised in the Polish academic community which is confirmed by high positions in rankings of HEIs
  • the majority of middle managers and top executives in companies operating in the region are the graduates of management courses in Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • subjects delivered during studies respond to up-to-date and changing needs on the labour market and challenges related to the processes of European integration
  • the Faculty offers outstanding infrastructure including modern lecture halls, classrooms and the abundant library
  • developing linguistic competencies enables graduates to communicate proficiently in English, including English for Business Purposes
  • the Faculty conducts preparatory courses for the examinations confirming following foreign language certifications: o SEFIC (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce) by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, o TELC- Deutsch für den Beruf
  • students have the opportunity to participate in mobility programs in 28 European universities in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom
  • students have the opportunity to participate in the double diploma programme conducted in cooperation with Pablo de Olaviede University in Sevilla (Spain)
  • the courses in Management received the outstanding assessment from the Polish Accreditation Committee

Candidates without formal linguistic certificates listed in the recruitment requirements but showing competencies in English equivalent to the B1 level have the opportunity to attend the course in Business English in order to achieve skills necessary to study Management. Before being assigned to the Business English course, the linguistic skills of candidates are validated by a placement test or an online interview. The course is concluded with a final examination at the B2 level which is a prerequisite for being admitted as a FESM student.

What prospects for the future?

Completing Management courses in Nicolaus Copernicus University enables graduates to get employment in any kind of organizations, in any kind of positions related to managerial functions. Universal knowledge and broad competencies acquired during studies make graduates flexible to adapt to changing circumstances in the labour market and enable them to achieve professional success. Studies provide graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to establish and successfully manage their own businesses.

Our graduates are employed in particular as:

  • specialists and managers both in private and state-owned companies (e.g. in marketing, quality management, HRM, IT support, general administration, finances management and accounting)
  • civil servants in government and self-government administration
  • managers in non-governmental organizations, foundations and associations
  • experts in investments and real estates
  • finance and accounting specialists in banks, insurance companies and enterprises providing financial services

The graduates of management studies have the opportunity to continue their studies in graduate (master-level) studies conducted both in Polish and English, including double and triple diploma programmes conducted in cooperation with the universities in Angers (France) and Macerata (Italy).

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